Tuesday, July 9, 2019

What to Look for in Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners?

What to Look for in Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners?: It’s the year 2019, and technology has been upgrading just about every appliance that we can buy today, even vacuum cleaners. However, when it comes to vacuums that we buy that can pick up pet hair, it’s actually quite difficult to find one. Many times if we have a pet that shed a lot, we may not even notice it, and the next thing you know, your carpet is full of pet hair, and when you go to vacuum you end up with clogged hoses, which often leads you to think your cleaner isn’t working right (some people even throw them out thinking they don’t work right, when in fact all that is wrong is that they’re clogged).

What to Look for in Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners?

How to Pick the Right Vacuum

Picking out a vacuum when you need one and have a pet like a dog or cat that sheds doesn’t have to be strenuous. However, no matter what, you need to know that it has to have certain things that will help pick up pet hair better.


You need to make sure that your vacuum can pick up the pet hair and pull it off of a roller brush. You need to make sure your machine has at least a 12-amp motor, as well as make sure that they have plenty of attachments, and look for a style that won’t clog easily.

A Roller Brush is Essential

Ever tried vacuuming without a roller brush? Especially when you have carpet, you need to have a roller brush in order to get the finer particles off of the floor, and hair is especially hard for a vacuum to pick up without one. Having a brush will help kick the hair off the floor and into the vacuum hose itself.

Do I Need a Standard Vacuum?

In the past, it was pretty essential that for certain things you needed a handheld vacuum, but most modern cleaners today actually come with enough attachments that can help eliminate the need for one. Make sure your vacuum cleaner has the suction and extra items like upholstery brushes and hose attachments to reach those hard to reach places and you should be fine.

Filter or Bag

You need to look very closely no matter what type of vacuum you have to make sure that the motor doesn’t get clogged. In the newer vacuums you need to continuously clean the filter, as well as make sure that once you get your bin (where the dirt goes on bagless vacuum cleaners) gets to a certain amount of dirt or hair in it, it will act “clogged” and let more get near the motor hole. This can actually cause your vacuum to start working less and be less effective at cleaning particles and hair.
When you want to pick the best vacuum cleaner for pets be sure to do some homework so your vacuum can handle being able to clean pet hair. Be sure to look online, and select products that are even dedicated to picking up cat hair as they’re advertised, look at the product reviews, and be sure that it has all the attachments you need in order to get the job done, and you should be fine when it comes to home use. The most you may need to do is remove a clog once in a while as pet hairs actually have the tendency to clog more than dirt does.